Spanish / English Bi-lingual Audio Bible Player (Cross Navigation)

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Finally, an Audio Bible player that makes it easy for you to HEAR THE BIBLE in two languages!

Cross navigation lets you play a book/chapter in English then switch to the same book/chapter in Spanish or vice versa (no verse navigation).

Pick one of the following combinations:

Play English KJV Audio Sample:

Play English NKJV Audio Sample:
Play ESV Audio Sample:

KJV CG narrated by Christopher Glynn


Play Spanish RV1960 Sample:

Play Spanish RV2000 Sample:

No struggling to read the small print of a Bible. 
No menu screens you have to see in order to operate. 
Reads the Book names and Chapter numbers as you press the buttons. 
Easy to charge! Place in sunlight to charge without cables or plug into the outlet for fast charging. Cable included. 

Easy to use, unlike other Bible players which can often be too complicated for elderly or low vision. 

Simple, easy to use player will allow you to listen to your Bible anytime or anywhere. Smaller than a typical smartphone, it has navigation buttons that allow forward and backward movement by Testament, book, and chapter. Also includes a bookmark button which allows the user to turn it on where they left off. This Audio Bible is cost-effective, light-weight and is rugged. This Audio Bible Player has both an internal speaker and an earphone jack.

Includes USB adapter, charging cable, and earbuds.

Customer Reviews

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guadalupe martinez

great audio bible radio! I strongly recommend to all; I will be purchasing another soon. thank you.

Greg Bullock

Spanish / English Bi-lingual Audio Bible Player (Cross Navigation)