Solar Speaker Case & Charger

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Solar-powered, BT, water-resistant speaker/charging case for MegaVoice players and cell phones.

As the third-generation solar case speaker from MegaVoice, the Solar Speaker offers many features Partners requested based on their experience in the field. This speaker allows you to amplify your MegaVoice player or cell phone audio for an entire church body or Bible study group (up to 150 people!). Operate the Solar Speaker as a loud speaker system by pairing it with an external FM Headset transmitter. It will also keep your MegaVoice player or cell phone charged and protected while you’re on the go. The solar-powered battery pack, rugged hard-shell case, and heat/water-resistant design make it the perfect accessory for mission trips, larger group audio presentations or even yard work, camping, and more. Includes auxiliary cord and charging cable with universal adapters for a variety of cell phones and audio players.

SPECIFICATIONS• Solar powered case speaker amplifier• 2 x 3W multimedia speakers• BT Connectivity• Playtime: over 40 hours @ max volume, depending on usage of BT/AUX input2• 3.5mm Stereo Auxiliary Input• 3.5mm Stereo Auxiliary Output• Solar Panel Output: 6V, 300mA• Battery: 3.7V Li-Ion, 4400mAH, 2 x 18650• DC Input: 5V, 2000mAh Max• DC Output: 5V, 2000mAh Max• External Shell: EVA material with PU• Internal Case: ABS with fabric• Black interior bands hold multiple sized devices• Case expansion zipper• Nylon strap with eyelet ring on each end of the spine• CE and FCC certified

* external FM Headset transmitter sold separately
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