LoriMac Ministries + audio Bibles for elderly and hospice

photo picture of Lori McNamaraIf you have followed Lori Mac on her “Hope Tours” across the country, you have heard her refer to the “Hope Players”. For years, Lori had been singing the old gospel hymns in senior homes, but after singing to a friend in hospice care, and seeing the comfort and peace it brought her, she had a vision of reaching out to even more elderly with these hymns of old. So, she teamed up with the company, MegaVoice, that could put her recorded hymns (and the hymns of other artist friends) on a simple easy-to-use audio player that she calls the HOPE PLAYER. She now travels the country on her Hope Tours sharing these players with those in senior homes and hospice centers. 

With the help of a loyal team of volunteers and generous donors, she’s able to provide the Hope Players free of charge on her Hope Tours. However, she receives many requests outside of those tours and wanted a way to make them available. So, thanks to her partnership with Megavoice, you can now purchase a Hope Player through them with a portion of the sales going back into her ministry.