Hebrew - English Bilingual Audio Bible

$54.95 USD

Hebrew Bible 
Finally, an Audio Bible player that makes it easy for you to HEAR THE BIBLE!
  • Switch easily between Hebrew & English languages.
  • Cross Navigation (switch to the same book & chapter for each language).
  • No struggling to read the small print of a Bible.
  • No menu screens you have to see in order to operate.
  • Complete Bible with both Old & New Testaments.
  • Reads the Book names and Chapter numbers as you press the buttons.
  • Easy to charge! Place in sunlight to charge without cables or plug into outlet for fast charging. New improved solar panel.
  • Easy to use, unlike other Bible players which can often be too complicated for the elderly or have low vision.

Simple, easy-to-use player will allow you to listen to your Bible anytime or anywhere.

Smaller than a typical smartphone, it has navigation buttons that allow forward and backward movement by Testament, book, and chapter.  Also includes a bookmark button which allows the user to turn it on where they left off.  This Audio Bible is cost-effective, lightweight, and rugged.

This Audio Bible Player has both an internal speaker and an earphone jack.




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Brett Simpson
Nice Bible

I also have a TalkingBible which is solar powered but the functionality of it is limited and it's bulky. I also had an issue were when you turn it off it lost it's place. With the Envoy 2 S Dual it stays were it left off which is a major thing. But I like how I can switch between Classical Hebrew for the Old Testament and modern Hebrew for the new and then switch again to NASB for OT/NT. It's thin which is nice so I can put it in my pocket without any discomfort. I've used it quite a bit for a few weeks and now prefer it to physical reading.

Euphrates River is drying up!
A Fantastic tool for the Kingdom!

This audio bible has been a tremendous blessing in my life and I even bought one for my mother in law as a gift. The charge/battery life is great. A great end days resource and tool for your spiritual tool box!

Sara Goldston

It is absulutely incredible to hear the word of God in His language!!!! The instructions are a little involved but well Worth it!!!

Judy H
Thank You!

I purchased some time ago an English and Hebrew audio Bible and I enjoy it and decided to purchase another one for home and one for on the move so I continually have God's Word with me!