KJV Audio Bible Player; King James Version

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"Easy-to-Use Audio Bible Player - Listen to the Complete King James Version Anywhere, Anytime!"

Unlock the power of the Bible with our user-friendly Audio Bible Player. Listen to the word of God anytime, anywhere, with ease and convenience. Order yours today and embark on a transformative audio journey.

Listen to audio samples of each narrator:

KJV Voice Only narrated by Paul Mims
KJV Dramatized Reading narrated by various
KJV Anglicized narrated by Christopher Glynn
KJV Anglicized with Apocrapha narrated by Christopher Glynn

Experience the joy of hearing the Bible with our Audio Bible KJV Player - your perfect companion for easy access to the King James Version. No more struggling with small print or complicated menus. Our player is designed with simplicity in mind, making it ideal for the elderly and those with low vision.

With the complete Bible, including both the Old and New Testaments, you can immerse yourself in the sacred texts. The player reads out the book names and chapter numbers as you press the buttons, ensuring effortless navigation.

Charging is a breeze! Simply place the player in sunlight for convenient solar charging, or use the fast-charging option by plugging it into an outlet. Our new and improved solar panel guarantees efficient charging.

Compact and lightweight, this player is smaller than a typical smartphone. Its intuitive navigation buttons allow easy movement through Testaments, books, and chapters. Plus, the bookmark button lets you pick up right where you left off.

You have the choice of listening through the internal speaker or using the earphone jack for private listening. And to make your experience even better, we provide a charger, earbuds, and FREE USPS domestic shipping via 1st Class mail (5-7 days) - automatically upgraded to Priority when you order three or more.

Audio Bible includes: The compete Bible in audio, earphones, 1-meter cable, wall adapter & neck lanyard


Envoy 2 S - Simple to use audio Bible player.

Envoy 2 Ember - Same as the Envoy S with added variable playback speed, flashlight and MicroSD port to play your own MP3 audio.

Envoy 2 Elite - Same as the Envoy Ember with added FM radio & memo recorder. Note: MicroSD required for recording feature.

LifeLight - Built in Envoy Equip player with LCD menu, AM/FM radio, playback speed control, MicroSD port for MP3 audio & three light modes: Lantern, desktop reading light & flashlight (located on the bottom).  Perfect for disaster relief, camping, mission trips.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ruth Ann
Megavoice Ember KJV Audio Bible Player

This is an excellent audio player. It can be charged by solar power. And it has a slot for a micro SD card, so you can make and play your own recordings. I recommend it.

Chuck Davis

Enjoying my new Bible player. Narration started with Matthew and looking forward to finishing The New Testament. Thank you for making this Bible player available.

Greg Bullock

KJV Audio Bible Player; King James Version

Gary G.

Used while wood working. Listening rather than reading, brought a new dimension to understanding the scripture. KJV version was well read. I look forward to other times where it will fit into my schedule. Appreciated the simplicity of keypad use. Thank you.

Janice Huwe

Good volume, easy for low vision to use