Solar Bible Bus - Thru the Bible with J Vernon McGee

$50.95 USD

New & Improved Blue Solar Bible Bus
By Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Including a complete Audio Bible

Think of it as a radio station in your pocket—with no commercials and all Thru the Bible!
The new and improved Solar Bible Bus player.  Simple navigation between J Vernon McGee's teachings and the Audio Bible.  The new player has no advanced features which makes it EASIER to use, especially for the visually impaired and elderly.
Should you need another language besides English or Spanish: Visit our Solar Bible Bus library

J Vernon McGee Thru the Bible sample

EASY START: Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn the player ON and begin playback mode (it will beep once). A 2-second press again will turn the player OFF (beep twice).

This new and improved J Vernon McGee Solar Bible Bus player is now even EASIER to use, especially for the visually impaired and elderly.

button layout photo of Thru the Bible player

The Solar Bible Bus still contains all of J Vernon McGee's teachings, along with special interviews and broadcasts which are only available on this Solar Bible Bus player.

layout of j vernon mcgees thru the bible teachings

FREE domestic shipping is included (media mail rate 5-7 days)

The Solar Bible Bus includes: 5-year Thru The Bible series by Dr. McGee, complete audio Bible, earphones, 1-meter charging cable, usb wall adapter & neck lanyard.

Dimensions: 4” h x 2 ¼” w x ½” d 


Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
B. Dutch Seyfarth
God bless you thank you

I hope to order more of these soon

Dean Ortner
The Portable Truth Teller!

I am more than pleased with this amazing device. Not only an audio Bible, but contains five years of valuable commentary. In addition, I'm able to load a micro flash chip with other instruction from well-known Bible scholars, Hocking, Tommy Nelson, etc.
I purchased one for a military friend on remote assignment, another for my family and one for me. Thank you ever so much! Dr. Dean C. Ortner, "Wonders of"