Replacement Battery Solar Bible Bus Players, Envoy S-Series & Envoy E-Series Players.


This replacement battery works on all MegaVoice S-Series (Envoy S, S Dual & ST) and E-Series (Envoy Ember & Envoy Elite) players from 2015-present day.

picture of the Solar Bible Bus, 1st generation model player

This is a replacement battery that works for the first generation Thru the Bible Bible Bus player (2016-2017) for a DIY (do it yourself) install.

The first generation player has the power and volume buttons located on the side of the player. (pictured to the right)

Simply remove the single screw on the back of the player to remove the 2" x 2" panel.  Unplug the square battery from the inside of the player and connect the new battery.   Place the back panel back on and fasten with the single screw.

Charge your player for two hours before testing.  To test the player to ensure the new battery is connected and working, turn the player on and play by placing in another room for 2 hours.  If the player is still playing after two hours, you are good to go - do not let the player play for longer than 4 hours as the battery will automatically turn off in order to cool itself when played for longer than 4 hours at a time while using battery power. 

Replacement Battery for Blue Thru the Bible Solar Bible Bus Players

For Generation 2 Thru the Bible Solar Bible Bus players, this battery is also compatible, however, this model is more difficult to replace and you may want someone to help.  Remove the two back screws in the lower corners and open the player in half along the seam.  Be careful as this exposes the circuit board.  Unplug the plug to the battery and install the new battery.

Generation 2 players have power and volume buttons located on the main keypad. (pictured on the right)  




Customer Reviews

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Steve Markland
Solar Bible Bus Player

I have had a first generation Thru the Bible player for
several years. It still works fine, but the batteries
seem to not last as long before failing.