ESV Audio Bible Player; English Standard Version

$49.95 USD

ESV Audio Bible Reader - English Standard Version Solar Audio Bible

Voice Only Reading  Narrated by David Heath

Dramatized Reading

Finally, an Audio Bible player that makes it easy for you to HEAR THE BIBLE!
  • No struggling to read the small print of a Bible.
  • No menu screens you have to see in order to operate.
  • Complete Bible with both Old & New Testaments.
  • Reads the Book names and Chapter numbers as you press the buttons.
  • Easy to charge! Place in sunlight to charge without cables or plug into outlet for fast charging. New improved solar panel.
  • Easy to use, unlike other Bible players which can often be too complicated for elderly or low vision.

Simple, easy to use player will allow you to listen to your Bible anytime or anywhere.

Smaller than a typical smartphone, it has navigation buttons that allow forward and backward movement by Testament, book, and chapter.  Also includes a bookmark button which allows the user to turn it on where they left off.  This Audio Bible is cost effective, light-weight and is rugged.

This Audio Bible Player has both an internal speaker and an earphone jack.

Audio Bible includes: The compete Bible in audio, earphones, 1-meter cable, wall adapter & neck lanyard


Envoy 2 S - Simple to use audio Bible player.

Envoy 2 Ember - Same as the Envoy S with added variable playback speed, flashlight and MicroSD port to play your own MP3 audio.

Envoy 2 Elite - Same as the Envoy Ember with added FM radio & memo recorder.

LifeLight - Built in Envoy Equip player with LCD menu, AM/FM radio, playback speed control, MicroSD port for MP3 audio & three light modes: Lantern, desktop reading light & flashlight (located on the bottom).  Perfect for disaster relief, camping, mission trips.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shirlee Kirven
Hold button and shut off

When I hit the HOLD button and shut off in my other one, it would bookmark my place. This new one doesn’t. Why?

Hi Shirlee,

Thanks so much for choosing MegaVoice! We're thrilled you have a new Envoy 2 S player.

We recently made an exciting upgrade – you can now save up to 6 bookmarks in your audiobooks! Here's how to save your spot:

1. Simply press and hold the pause button for 3 seconds.
2. You'll hear 3 beeps to confirm your bookmark is set.

That's it! When you turn your player back on, it will automatically resume from that location.

To learn more about using all 6 bookmarks and other great features, we'll be sending you a copy of the user manual via email shortly.

Press On!
Janet, Customer Service

Brooke Pernice
The Next generation and the Christian imagination

I have found the reception of the Pathway Bible players, including the ESV New Testament, to be especially gratifying, particularly among children. As a writer and musician, I have long belonged to the group of storytellers presuming that we could capture the imagination of the next generation by the quality of our stories alone. The Christian engineers at MegaVoice have humbled and blessed me with the realizzation that by rightly using the tactile interface, not to mention the enchantment that comes with the stuffed animals they also offer, true baptism of young imaginations may still be possible for those of us willing to embrace the gifts of our more technologically compitent brethren in Christ. I plead their pardon for my own failure to recognize their gift to the body, and gratefully anticipate learning from their wisdom and experience in catechizing the next generation.

Ralph E Bortnem
How to safely wear the player with great bodily mobility

I currently hang the player from my neck using the supplied woven strap, and I restrict undesired flopping movements of the player against my belly by covering the player with an outer shirt.  It is important to keep the player from twisting and flopping around as I walk around the house or outdoors. While I am working in the kitchen, I lay the player on top of the refrigerator where the sound volume is plenty loud enough to be heard as I walk around in the room. The player works wonderfully as advertized.

Carney H.

Can't tell you how much listening to the Bible over and over again has changed everything for me! Thank you for all your efforts.