KJV Solar Bible Bus - J Vernon McGee Thru the Bible 5-Year Series


New & Improved Blue Solar Bible Bus
By Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Including the FULL King James Version Audio Bible
read by Paul Mims

Think of it as a radio station in your pocket—with no commercials and all Thru the Bible!

J Vernon McGee Thru the Bible sample

KJV Audio Bible sample

EASY START: Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn the player ON and begin playback mode (it will beep once). A 2-second press again will turn the player OFF (beep twice).

This new and improved J Vernon McGee Solar Bible Bus player is now even EASIER to use, especially for the visually impaired and elderly.

button layout photo of Thru the Bible player

The Solar Bible Bus still contains all of J Vernon McGee's teachings, along with special interviews and broadcasts which are only available on this Solar Bible Bus player.
layout of j vernon mcgees thru the bible teachings

Player upgrade options

Solar Bible Bus TTB Blue Model
The new and improved Solar Bible Bus player.  Simple navigation between J Vernon McGee's teachings and the Audio Bible.  The new player has no advanced features which makes it EASIER to use, especially for the visually impaired and elderly.

Envoy Ember Model
The Envoy Ember has all the same great features as the Solar Bible Bus Audio Bible player with a few added features.

LED Flashlight: The added flashlight allows users to "light their path with the Word of God." Has three brightness levels.

Variable Playback Speed: The speed control allows users to either speed up the audio or slow the audio down.

Micro-SD port: This added micro-SD port allows users to use this Audio Bible player as an MP3 player to play your own audio files. MP3, WAV & WMA are supported audio formats. Micro-SD memory is not included.

Envoy Elite Model
The Envoy Elite is one of MegaVoice's most advanced players.

The Elite contains all the same features as the Envoy Ember.

In addition to the simple-to-use navigation buttons, LED flashlight, variable speed control, and micro-SD port, the Envoy Elite includes two additional features.

FM Radio: FM Radio to listen to your favorite live FM radio programming.

Memo Recorder: The high-quality WAV format recordings can be saved to a micro-SD memory for easy access. Micro-SD memory is not included.

FREE domestic shipping is included (media mail rate 5-7 days)

Dimensions: 4” h x 2 ¼” w x ½” d 


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
James Hill
The Bible Bus with Dr. McGee - AWESOME

Dr. McGee is simply brilliant and a magnificent teacher. The KJV Solar Bible is awesome and extremely easy to use. You will not be disappointed if you decide to purchase the Solar Bible.

Lucy Dunn
Bible Teaching on Your Timetable

The Bible Bus has been a major blessing to my life. Now I can hear Pastor McGee teach any book or verse whenever I want.

KJV Solar Bible Bus - J Vernon McGee Thru the Bible 5-Year Series

WOW! This arrived very quickly. I have been wanting to get the Solar Bible Bus with J Vernon McGee for a very long time. It is convenient that you can take it anywhere you go and listening is so easy. I like the fact that I can have an indepth study of the Bible with Mr. McGee. This is super great and my Christmas gift to me. Thank you and may GOD continue to RICHLY BLESS you. Kindest Regards.

Kevin Frazer
Off the grid


Willi Kowal

I love this thing!! I can listen anytime I want to, well worth the money. It’s on my Bible on the go and my Thru The Bible radio station. Megavoice staff are super nice