Swahili Solar Bible Bus (Ember Edition) - Thru the Bible 5-Year Series - Dr. J. Vernon McGee + Full Bible
Swahili Solar Bible Bus (Ember Edition) - Thru the Bible 5-Year Series - Dr. J. Vernon McGee + Full Bible

Swahili Solar Bible Bus (Ember Edition) - Thru the Bible 5-Year Series - Dr. J. Vernon McGee + Full Bible

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(Ember Edition) By Dr. J. Vernon McGee

Think of it as a radio station in your pocket—with no commercials and all Thru the Bible!

Navigate to any study you choose from Dr. McGee or listen to any Scripture passage from the audio Bible (for English players, choose either the New King James or King James version at time of purchase). Recharge your Solar Bible Bus by leaving it in direct sunlight for a few hours, and you’re ready to go again. 

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Added bonuses:

  • Listen with or without headphones and in equipped cars through your car’s speakers using 3.5 mm sync cable (sync cable not included).
  • Includes a flashlight with three levels of brightness for unexpected emergencies.
  • Playback speed control.
  • Micro-SD port allows you to play your own MP3 files on the player.

Dimensions: 4” h x 2 ¼” w x ½” d 

More Information about this special player

TURNING THE PLAYER ON/OFF Press and hold the power button (located at top center of the keypad) for 2 seconds to turn the Solar Bible Bus on and begin playback mode (it will beep once). Press again for 2 seconds to turn the player off (it will beep twice). *While the player is on, a click on will perform a battery test. The LED will blink rapidly for 2 seconds indicating the remaining capacity (Green: 70-100%, Yellow: 15-69%, Red: 0-14%)

SELECTING CONTENT YOU WANT TO LISTEN TO Press and hold the bookshelf button for 2 seconds to go listen to the Bible.  While in the TTB programs: Click bookshelf button to skip to the next Section (see TTB Section chart below). While in the Bible: Click the bookshelf button to skip to the next Section within the Bible: Genesis, Psalms and Matthew. Press and hold for 2 seconds to go to the TTB audio.

    CHARGING INSTRUCTIONS With proper care, your Solar Bible Bus’ Lithium-Ion battery should perform well for several years. When shipped, the battery is only partially charged. Please fully charge your Solar Bible Bus before the first use, following one of the charging methods below: For fastest charge, connect the “USB to micro-USB” cable that came with your Solar Bible Bus or any standard “USB” charger (regulated +5VDC, minimum 300mA) to the micro-USB port on the bottom of the player for about 2 hours or until the LED stops blinking. While charging, the LED will blink according to the charge level (Green: 70-100%, Yellow: 15-69%, Red: 0-14%). the player at least every 3 months, in order to prevent the battery from losing its ability to recharge. Should the battery become damaged and unable to accept a charge, you can still operate the player using the power cord (charger).  Plug player into any standard computer USB port using the “USB to micro-USB” cable for about 4 hours or until the LED stops blinking. • Depending on the connection type, and the player’s battery level, the LED will blink (indicating charging level). • Physically unplugging the player from the computer will stop the battery charging process. For solar charging, place the player with the solar panel directly facing bright sunlight for at least 8 hours. The LED will not blink during solar charging. Before storing the player for prolonged periods, make sure the battery is at least partially charged. If stored for extended periods, it is recommended to recharge

    View or Download Solar Bible Bus (Ember Edition) Manual